These have been put on hold for the time being due to Covid 19. Please check back in soon. 

Looking for a fun activity for your birthday party, bridal shower or any other special gatherings?  Plan a party with Chef Nicole.  You provide the space and gather your friends together and she will do the rest.  Your group will learn a new skill set and have a blast doing it.  All the goodies made are yours to devour, or share with others.  It's simple, choose which area of pastry you want to learn about, and Nicole will work with you to create a fun and interactive demo tailored to your requests.



Choose which area of pastry you're most interested in below


Learn how to make beautiful macarons at home.  Guests will learn how to make and pipe macaron batter, bake them correctly in your home oven and how to fill them properly so you get the perfect bite every time!  Nicole will work with you on the best filling choices for your group.  


French Tarts

Learn how to properly make tart dough, master the art of lining tart shells, and make delicious fillings.  Trust me, learning these basic French pastry skills will impress many!
Filling will depend on your group's interest and depend on the season.

Candies and Confectioneries

Candies are so fun to make and package up to give to others!  Choose from a variety of options: caramels, marshmallows, and/or hard candies.

Laminated Doughs

Due to the extensive process of laminating dough, this interactive demo requires at least 3 hours and a little magic to get done.  Choose to either learn how to make puff pastry or croissants/danishes and get your arm work out in all at once.

Pate a Choux

Pate a choux is the dough used to make eclairs and cream puffs.  Learn how to properly make the dough, pipe in desired shapes and fill with a delicious pastry cream filling.  Bringing these out as your dinner party dessert will surely impress!

Pricing will vary depending on the number in your group and the specific demo.  Please email for details and availability.